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A glimpse of our story through the years, from it's beginnings in 1797, to the present day.

Lower Sackville Street, Dublin in the 1800s.
“I’ll go Lambes there beside Findlaters and get them to send some flowers to put about the place in case he brings him home tomorrow; today I mean.”

- Molly Bloom, Penelope Chapter, Ulysses



Established in 1797 on what was then known as Sackville Street, the original tavern was opened by Charles Smyth at no. 35. Upper Sackville Street, serving ales, spirits, wines, coffees and shellfish before further expanding into a Wine merchants and grocers in the early 1800’s. Throughout the 18th century the premises passed though many different proprietors and changed business numerous times until the late 1890s when it was taken ownership by Fruiterer and Florist, Miss Alicia Lambe and was famously referenced in James Joyce’s Ulysses:

The iconic address saw rise to many historic movements including the arrival of the first electric tram, the great 1913 Dublin lockout gathering, the famous siege at GPO during the 1916 Rising and the renaming of the street to O'Connell Street in 1924, in honour of the great Liberator Daniel O’Connell.

Murrays Bar & Grill in Dublin's north inner city


By the early years of the 21st century the venue was known as McGrath's in 1988, before expanding into no. 34 and becoming Frazer's Pub & Nightclub, a most popular nocturnal venue. By 2009 the name Murray’s, in honour of entrepreneurial creator Noel Murray, was seen above the door.

Murray’s Bar & Grill traded fruitfully here through the following years and when no. 35 became available, Murray’s created a new themed bar in honour of 1916 signatory Thomas J. Clarke, who prior to his execution ran a tobacconist store immediately around the corner at no. 79 Parnell Street.

The Bar that stands today is still steeped in history, even naming its Whisky Bar after the first signatory of the 1916 Proclamation, Thomas Clarke.
Today, Murray’s has undergone a splendid transformation in the neo-Victorian idiom creating an inspirational ambience of culture, character and heritage.

Here at Murray’s we have been serving the people of Dublin for over 100 years. Best of all, Grandma Murray’s descendants still run the pub to this day!


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Pizza from Murrays bar & Grill in Dublin's north inner city